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Happy 2nd Year Anniversary!

Was not really into the blogging mood recently as time really wasn't on my side and there was no inspiration..

But today I was really happy cos it is my and baby's ...

I really don't think myself as a wonderful girlfriend.. but I do try to do my best? I hope that boyfriend will forgive me for whatever bad things I had done and said and please continue to sayang me for all its worth. I know I really regretted some things I did before and I swear that it will not happen ever again.

Ok enough of talk, better to put some pics up!

~ darling bf at Angus House

Its a cosy and quaint restaurant with a romantic ambiance at Takashimaya that Bf brought me to eat some of their famous but expensive steaks. (:

~ bf is extremely happy

~ um, I don't know what soup is this.. but it tasted really good.

~ cute bread that comes with the soup!

~ I'm happy too!

~ very-fresh salad

~ ahh window seats are the best!

Especially when in planes.. hehe.

~ bf's Tornado Tenderloin steak

Wrapped with bacon somemore! I personally prefer this one as the sauce was not too salty and there was a tinge of sweetness. The medium-rare was done perfectly - not too bloody and not too charred.

The beef just literally MELTED in my mouth lor!

~ my tenderloin steak

I liked the garlic butter ontop of the steak!

~ very nice ambience

Just right for a romantic date. (:

~ banana cheese cake

Not-too-heavy dessert. All the dishes went really well with each other.

I felt super satisfied after the meal! Now I know how it feels like to eat a damn fucking expensive piece of steak. AWESOMENESS.

We caught a movie after the meal and I really love it! A sweet romantic comedy with Justin Long and Drew Barrymore in it entitled "Going the Distance".

I think they had fantastic onscreen chemistry and I thought that they don't look compatible with each other but then they do lol.

~ bf with a cuppa caramel milk tea from Wo Ai Tai Mei

I love the milktea there! Comparable to Koi's standard and no long fucking queues.

~ =D

All in all, I REALLY enjoyed the time spent with bf today.. and not just today, but every single moment that we spend together is wonderful. Nothing makes me feel better than being with him. The food even tastes better when we are sharing it together.

We made each other "secret projects" that we presented today.

~ mine was a drawing of us together, done in Photoshop.

I hope you like it darling, I know its not perfect lol.

And I also made a big card for him but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Bf's "secret project" made me pleasantly surprised cos I would have never thought...

That he would bake for me!! OMFG!!

~ And its PINK!

Strawberry cheesecake baked with love. <3

I love it and it tasted amazing, I swear upon my life!

Sigh, a man that loves me so much and is willing to learn to cook/bake for me?

I must be the luckiest woman alive.  =)


Happy 2nd Year, darling. And may more happiness fill us with years to come.
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Spicy chicken wings and Obanyaki

My new food-love is Obanyaki! Just googled that the fish-shaped Japanese pancake is called Obanyaki.. the one that we had at Ion today was super LOVE!

So yummy, its was love at first bite. =)

This weekend we went to Sunset Grill for more spicy wings. Bf knows I "kind of" have a craving for it so we asked the DMD gang along.

I think its a love/hate relationship with the wings - on one hand it was so spicy that the first time I ate it I teared, but then the more I eat it the more I enjoy the spiciness.

Some sadistic addiction, I guess. T_T

We went early this time round and could afford to take shots of the sun setting.. yeah and that was why the place was called Sunset Grill, due to the reason that the sun setting there made a really nice view cos there was totally no tall buildings to obstruct.

Nice huh?

~ loll fokker services sound wrong

~ kel and a crazy bf

~ bf looks like he's planning to fly the plane behind him

~ couple shot!

~ @ Sunset Grill

We were queued for more than half an hour for seats.

Then another half an hour for food.

Not as bad as what the sign claimed.

~ 1 hour of waiting for food is ridiculous

~ kel and samp


~ bf

~ me!

~ $7.50 mushroom soup which is totally not worth it

Lol tasted much like normal canned soup.

~ lvl 3 wings!

Yummy yum yum.

~ cheesy fries

Not fantastic but not bad.

~ deep fried button mushrooms

Quite good but not worth the price for a snack, for $14.50 I could have had a main course somewhere else. Madness the prices.

I would say the location is too out of the way and prices are too mad expensive as the food is not justifiable. Only go to Sunset Grill for the wings man.

~ Obanyaki making in process

~ Obanyakiss

~ banana and choc flavor

~ mine's custard

Both really good! I can't wait to go back there for more!

~ me n bf (:

I liked my outfit of the day, pity that the pictures turned out so over-exposed.

Ok time to Dota, buhbye~

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The Twelves

Had quite a drama night when we went clubbing during the weekend.

Manda and Wr had a row and it was quite terrible, dragged on from 3.30 - 5.30am and we were just sitting by the road and waiting while the quarreling was going on between them.

Didn't expect things to get so bad after a small incident.. I think emotions were in overdrive and girls are way more emotional so we tend to get pissed/irritated easily? I mean, there are guys who are like that too.. I blame it on the surge of female hormones lol.

The music was not to our liking for dancing but it was oookay i guess.

~ manda and wr

~ viv and kel

Haha they looked damn bored!

Bf was lickin' the security guard's shadow ear lol.

Pretty sick huh.

Neh this guy.

Poor dude must have felt something going on behind his back (literally) but don't know what.

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Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy

Need to clear backlog of photosssss!!

I hate it when i have lots to blog about and sometimes I have nothing to blog at all when I'm free. This is ridiculous.

Been eating and eating non-stop for a whole week full of goodies. Today we went dinner with DMD gaiz too and it was great and I love FOOOD.

~ my friend pointed out its 3 fingers and a thumb but  techinically its still 4 fingers what!

Eh I think I enjoyed the crispness of the wings and drumlets, not to mention the extra 'kick' that comes with the spiciness.

~ garlic soy + spicy wings

Awsum. <3

But really v spicy, I had to eat it with this sauce.

~ some mayo thingy

Makes the spiciness much more bearable.

~ happy!

~ nutty!

~ the meal comes with seaweed fries

I prefer Mcds one though..

~ white chicken rice at AMK

! That Derrick recommended us to.


~ thai tofu

~ mario and gh

~ gh and yq doing "the look"

~ bf and mario also doing some.. retarded look -_-

What's new lol.

~ the onion rings from Dominos ROCKS

Fuckin' got cheese on top of it one! Wtf so yummy.

~ some garlic cheese bread

Also nice but its really filling.

~ pizzaaaa

Duno what flavor haha but it tasted damn nice.

~ happy full peeper

~ us too!

~ onceuponamilkshake

~ very cute and cosy place

To enjoy some really thick and slurpy milkshakes.

~ my rum and raisin milkshake

It is by far the BEST milkshake I've ever had. I swear~

~ bf had caramel one. it tasted normal compared to mine lol

Not as sweet as mine therefore I felt the rum and raisin was better? Full of thick milky goodness with real raisins and rum!!

~HAHA took a pic of this poster

Lame... Changi Hospital movie.

Its real ok, its going to be out in theatres in Sept.

As you can see, its really.. eat and eat everyday! Gonna be like this for the rest of my life I guess.  I feel fat but I am just too greedy to go on a diet.

OK blog more tomorrow.. time to sleep!

Have an outbreak of pimples oredi and I blame it on the fucking bad weather plus not enough sleep duh. Need to my skin back to normal! =|

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Shutter Fun

My eyes hurt everytime I blink now. I googled and it might be due to some bacteria or virus that's causing it. T____T


The chances of me getting an infection versus the chances of me getting fever/flu is like 90/10. And I do have good hygiene standards ok, not fantastic but still I wash my lens everyday and put eyedrops religiously. So.. wtf?

Small Nose VS Huge Nose

HAHAHAA bf and me had been playin around with some camera booth effects and the results are damn funny.

Some are nice.

I rikes this pic alot.

I can't smile without looking fat wtf.

That is probably the reason why I don't like to show my teeth while taking photos, besides the fact that I have ugly teeth.

End of random post.

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Shortlived Happiness

As usual, weekends were da bomb. Its the only days that I don't feel depressed.

We brought Mario to Nakhon on Friday to try the awsum Thai food there and boy, was he impressed.

I still am, with the standard of food there.

~ kt and mario

~ bf

~ marc n yq

Lol marc likes to give the "wtf" look everytime I aim the camera at him.

~ haha candid shot

~ more candid shots

~ me n bf

~ DnA

~ tom yum soup (clear)

The soup was indefinitely clear but  really spicy. Love the taste of the freshness of the ingredients in there, every slurp was a party in my mouth.

~ pandan wrapped chicken

Love this dish to death. Mario loves it too!

~ here's the chicken, upclose and personal.

Soft, juicy flavorful meat made every bite a delight.

~ padthai

One of my fav Thai dishes. Stir-fried glass noodles with the works.

~ Olive fried rice

We went for dessert after the hearty meal, had some ice-cream to cool off the heat at Ice Edge Cafe. A small cozy restuarant tucked in the corner of Kovan.

~ choices of ice creams: about 15

We had the white chocolate and it tasted really buttery but milky and super sweet.

Loved it cos it tasted exactly like a spoonful of white chocolate.

Sunday me and bf went to Suki Sushi cos last month I had a craving for it and wanted to try the Cineleisure branch's one.

He remembered and brought me there on our monthsary. (:

Suki Sushi @ Cineleisure for
our monthsary

~ unagi sushi

~ snow crab sushi

I like this alot, but the rice was kinda filling so we stopped at two each.

~ o_o

~ same o_o

~ bf studying the menu intently..

~ while I eat the salmon skin

I liked this cos it was really crispy but too bad.. it was cold. Meaning that it was not fried upon order. Which really sucked cos the was a whole lot of these on the moving belt and we wanted fresh ones so we made a order specially but ended up with a cold one still.

~ salmon and octopus sashimi

Quite fresh I would say.

~ lobster ikura and salmon handrolls

~ IKURA!! /scream

I love ikura, fish eggs are so yummeh~

~ teriyaki chicken

This was bf's favorite dish of the day.

~ om nom

~ one-eyed monster

~ between 2 fingers

~ poke your nose!

~ hi, i''m Chinese

~ i'm Chinese too!

~ empty plates that the waitresses did not bother to clear

~ takopachi

Love takopachi cos they are so crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

~ fried ebi

This sucked cos it was too dry and hard.

~ ebi tempura

Worth a few orders as the prawns are fresh and the tempura batter is just nice.

~ enoki bacon

Golden mushrooms wrapped with bacon. Not my kind of of thing though.

I find chewing and swallowing of the mushrooms very challenging. -_-

~ OH. This was the dish that made us wanna puke.

Some marinated scallop thingy. It was tough to chew and swallow and had a weird seafoodish flavor. It was just really baaaaad. Someone take this off the menu quick before someone DIES.

~ Ika tempura

Not bad but honestly, OCK's are soo much better. No wonder one stick is so ex lah.

~ a veh happy bf cos there was ice cream

~ vanilla, I choose u!

~ nice vanilla ice cream

~ time for some boliao-ness

~ drawing me =_=

~ this is bf, the ugly humsup monster

~ and me! the cutsey big headed girl with a weird boob sticking out wtf

Really bad drawings tsk tsk. Must improve ah.

~ last orders of cream puffs

Ice cream puffs! Never will go wrong with  these as desserts... I guess.

~ Finally done with the meal!

Overall I would rate this place 6/10.

Firstly, the service is bad. Ok not that bad but the attitude of the waitresses/waiters were all slow and heck care.

Then secondly, all of the food looks good but not all are edible. I'm not kidding cos some made me really nauseated upon tasting it.

Thank you darling, I enjoyed the meal though it was a lot of hits and misses. (:

We will definitely not go back there for some time tho lol.

I've been really depressed of late, I don't know if its the weather.. or something else altogether. Sometimes I have such vivid suicidal thoughts that I scare the living shit out of myself. Most of the times, I just felt like life wasn't worth living anymore and I don't have a really have a goal in life.

All I try to do is to earn more money to support myself and my family, but it never seems enough and then I get discouraged. ):

Why is life so meaningless? Why do we work and work till we die? Why are there so many beautiful things in life that are short-lived? Why don't money grow on trees? Why do people have expectations of each other?

I don't expect answers... but am certainly feeling defeated at the moment. Nites~

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Awsum National Day Weekend

My National Day weekend was awsum, but yeah well I haven't been blogging for more than a week cos I am pure lazy~~~~

Got to get back the blogging bug! Sometimes I really wish I could just migrate myblog over to wordpress or some other blog.. but I am hesitant cos of the time spent here. Uploading all the pictures has been a bitch and I don't want to just throw away all these blog posts I have written over the years.

So as usual I spent like half an hour uploading the pics one by one. Got lazy again in the end only uploaded half. =_=

This is what happens when I gather too many pictures and blog at one go.


I love peanut butter n jelly. :3

Its a wonderful combination of these two flavors that made me buy this donut. Which is not bad.. I think it would taste better if there is more jam filling and more peanut butter on-top.

Yup this was a random pic for the day where we went YQ's house on Friday for seahum + kong bak bao + games day.

It was great fun gathering with the DMD gaiz and pigging out on food as usual.

Oh and Mario was back! So we had more fun hanging out together and eating/drinking/talking cock. Wish the weekend were longer.

All of us met on Saturday again to celebrate:

KT & YQ's Bday Celebs at OK Shabushabu

~ me and baby (:

~ the gaiz

~ emily and kt

~ us again!

~ LOL at mario's expression

He makes the most retarded expressions ever. I realized that my bf, KT and mario has this serious problem of making spastic faces.

Like, what's wrong with these guys? Are they retarded, you ask.

Well.. I guess.

~ KT photobombing emily's pic

Ah, my bf has this problem too!

~ mala soup

Very oily and spicy but supa shiok.

~ derrick and angela came late but with a surprise cake!

~ KT: "ooh yq"

LOL damn funny la this pic.

~ The birthday boys with their gifts

~ Photobombed by Mario

~ bf drinking mango mousse soup

A piece of the cake fell into his soup and he drank it wtf lol.

~ feasting

~ fried mantous with condensed milk


~ pork slices

I love this too. Can never ever get enough of pork shabu slices. D:

~ DnA

~ with Kel and Geoff

~ group shot #1

~ group shot #2

I know the group shots are too small but just put for fun can. Its nice to see that there are 13 people who went shabu shabu together and everyone was so happy after the meal.

Bf and me rested at home on Sunday but we decided to go kite flying in the late afternoon cos the weather was pretty good (no rain no sun).

Kite Flying at Sengkang

~ bf unfurling the kite

~ its quite a big kite

~ neh

~ happy pic (before kite-flying)

~ trying to get the kite up

~ into the skies

~ it flew but..

~ it didn't stay there for long. -_-

~ I tried flying it too

But got exhausted after a few runs. ZZZ.

~ coming down again ):

~ we just could not for the life of us, get the bloody kite go up into the skies!

~ bf says: "Let's go home. this sucks."

The stupid would come down very fast again and we just got frustrated.
I can't understand how could all those people fly their kites so freaking high also.

So we gave up flying it after awhile longer and went home lol.

~ tired and a lil disappointed.. but still happy..

Cos we spotted an ice cream cart!

~ Old skool ice creams are the best

~ uncle scooping atap chee ice cream for baby

~ bf favourite ice cream flavor is atap chee!

It's not mine tho lol. I prefer chocolate.

I love watching bf do pullups, its so therapeutic to count how many times he has done and look at his gek sai face hahahah.

No la just kidding. I just love to see him all sweaty when he works out. Thats my real fetish hehe.

On Monday we had a pig-out session at Bedok Blk 85 food market.

It was like a food paradise cos everything tasted so yummy!

~ geoff and yq

~ mario

~ marc and bf

~ bbq chicken wings

Finger lickin' good!

~ white carrot cake

I prefer the black one cos it tastes more savoury but this white one just as good.

~ bbq stingray

Just looking at this pic makes my tastebuds tingle and I start to drool wtf.

~ seasame rice ball in almond soup

Oh.. and how could I ever forget you?

Had to finish off the meal with an all-time favourite of ah balling - sesame and peanut rice balls.

That was the end of the photo spam for the weekends. Really hope that we could do it again soon. I got tired after writing such a loong post so Imma going to take a nap maybe.

A sign that I am getting old perhaps.

Need to do something about gaining weight since my metabolism rate is lower too...

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SY's farewell laksa steamboat dinner

Am smiling as I write this blog post as I remember when I first met SY at Scrawl a couple of years ago. She was just an intern, then starting to work in Scrawl after she graduated from poly and was wearing braces lol.

I felt like I watched her grew up. Kinda always felt like I'm an elder sister to her. (:

Time flies and now she will be going to Ringling College and leaving all of us!

~ remember tau poks

Cos they ROCKS.

~ jack and roger

Watching the fire.

~ bf (:

~ me


~ the food is good

Selection of ingredients are little but fresh and filling.

~ busy eating

~ my bowl of laksa goodness


And as written by me on FB:

Won't forget the times we worked together, ate a lot, laughed like crazies, played RO, always and will be HP fans.

Bon Voyage SY (in less than 2 weeks)!

Have yourself a wonderful experience at Ringling College, but remember all of us! (: /HUG

Cos we will miss you too.
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Water-logged Weekend

Went swimming on Saturday.

~ At Anchorvale swimming complex

I really love it there, clean pools and lots of fun things to do. Water slides, jacuzzi, indoor pool etc.

~ bf and me without makeup after the swim

Yeah  I know, I look so yucky without makeup. And my hair was super dry fro the chlorine lah. -_- And the sun was super glaring so we were trying not to squint, bf was without much success lol.

The colors of the pictures made us look so fair when in fact I had turned a slight shade darker and bf complained of being sunburnt.

We went 'swimming' on Sunday too!

'Dry swimming' that is.

Hahah which actually means mahjong. Was good catching up with wenqi and the girls, love the weekends.

I kind of like my job but I really hate the time I have to go work. Its too early, and my energy gets zapped really fast before the end of the day. Then I don't have time to do anything at all... ):

At this rate, I just feel I don't have much of a life and get burnt out easily too.

Which reminds me..its time to go and sleep.. nai~

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Hi I'm Duatao-chan

Have fun guessing who are the other DMD gaiz~

Courtesy of the bf.
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