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Hallow's Eve

October has been a hectic and stressful month for me! But it was also my first Halloween and I totally had fun with the guys. (:

We had to find costumes, buy our own props so it was fun! I like my look which is a cavegirl! And bf was a lecherous monk with the cavegirl lol. While Emily and KT went as a doctor and nurse couple. So kinky yaaaaar.

~ cavegirl and nurse

~ teh monk in meditation

~ monk, cavegirl, nurse and doc tan

~ kelvin the kount

~ kel, kt and bf

~ rie and viv

The horny monk decided to disguise himself as a nurse in hopes of seducing the doctor.

Random self-pic. =D

~ drunk monk

~ group shot!

~ manda and wenrui

The sick couple dressed as some sick, horrible deformed humans with a pair of sick bloody fetuses. GROSS!

~ see the tummies got human faces one!

Damn sick and twisted.

~ gross bloody surgeon with a pregnant woman, the fetus was dug out of her womb gross

Must give props to Zouk and their sick-looking props and makeup man.

I wasn't scared la but I sure was grossed out by the gore and sick makeup.

~ monk eating charsiew

~ deformed humans tied to the pillars inside Velvet

~ zombie surgeons?

~ clowns! (sis, your fave)

And bananas in pyjamas with a bunch of zombies.

I love bananas in pyjamas! One of my fave kids show last time lol.

Thanks ya all guys, I had an awsum time and it was fun dressing up and hanging out together during Halloweeeen! Never thought Halloween would be so fun, not really when I was on the dancefloor though but still fun! ~ xxx

Next year I wanna go to Night Safari, heard its supa scary there. Gotta just try to scream my way thru then lol.

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