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Mad in lovex

FOOD!! And my bf. (:

Love to eat~ I know you are missing my food pics so here ya go:

~ mango sticky rice roll

Lol YQ ordered this, it looked good but sadly was below his expectations.

Looks like "Looks can be deceiving" applies to food as well.

~ smiley YQ

Before eating of course.

~ blueberry pudding

Ahhh this was supa yummy!! Creamy blueberry cheese-cake texture with oreo ontop.

It was a match made in food heaven, oh yes.

~ braised pork belly pan-fried bun

This tasted damn awsome. I duno how to describe it la, just have to eat it if you are a meat lover like me! HAVE TO!

Its basically some kong bak in a big pan-fried bun with veggies so you get the gist. It can be found in Chinatown, near those food stalls outside OG.

Some pan-fried "biscuit" thingy. These China food are really like fucking A. I know its all carbo but I can't help myself lor. Chinese pizza FTW!! So savoury mmmmmmgood.

Oh we went Chinatown in search of props for Halloween.

Halloween is this week, am so excited can~

Ok more to eat come soon!

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ホテル入ったら即行で脱がされて、ち ん ぽイかされまくり!!
しかもザ ー メ ソ全部ゴックン!マジすげぇ女だったぞぉぉぉ!!(苦笑)
Posted by: ペリー |at: 2010/11/01 2:39 PM