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Game Dev Story and Ambitions

Downloaded this game called Game Dev Story on iPhone and was FREAKING hooked! I never played an iPhone game for more than one week before, mostly I get bored of it on the 3rd or 4th day.

The motive of the game is pretty simple - set up your own game company and try to be as successful as possible.

Damn cute beh tahan the graphics la. Its so Pokemon-ish and I love Pokemon.

After setting up your own team of workers, you get to level them up and train them even.. hey I spot a Monkey in the screen shot!!!! Waaaaa how come I no have one!

Think must unlock, must be some special staff. LOL indeed cos its a monkey.

Usually the higher the staff's stats are the most competent he/she is. And their pay gets higher each time they level up.

Anyway, I'm having so much fun with this simulation game, thought I'd share with you guys reading my blog. (: I am kinda getting bored of it already (after a week) but still playing it haha. I don't know why but I think it is especially addictive to someone who loves to play games. Like OH I CAN BE BOSS OF A GAME COMPANY is so fucking interesting to us gamers. Can roughly see the production of a how a game is made too.

Now, working in a game company has taught me alot.. Am still learning or trying to?

Ironically, this game is selling well (top ten games in Appstore, I think) so the developers of this game must be damn happy! Many $$$$$ go to them lor.

Pissed with Appstore on my itunes, take so long to load that I gave up already so I cannot check what rank is the game. For some reason my iPhone is also v slow... Whatever man!

K bedtime folks!

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