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Itacho is <3

Wooah at last I can blog! Wanted so badly to blog yesterday but was met with net laggy + blogsite down wtf. Was a bad day to blog I suppose.

Lovely cos tomorrow is a public holiday!

During the weekend, darling brought me to Itacho, a Japanese restaurant in Ion shopping mall. I wanted to try it for a long time, cos I heard the sushis there was awsum. And they didn't lie, it was so good I felt like I entered sushi heaven.

~ random pic of sleepy doggy

Never fails to make me smile. Frosty's heart-shaped nose hehe.

~ me and baby (:

~ while waiting for food..

~ ..we made funny faces!


~ The secret correct way of eating sushi.

Haha I still heck care and did it my way.

~ first sushi of the day: wagyu beef!

~ waygu beef sushi costs $7


I think its overhyped, tasted like normal sashimi. =_=

Didn't get the "OMFG" feeling when we ate this.

Luckily for us the rest of the sushis were FUCKING FANTASTIC.

~ platterful of sushi


This was damn good, fresh and huge and simply melts in my mouth.

~ fatty salmon

~ octopus

~ next platter

~ Lobster and mango roll

This was boyfee's fav sushi! Yup he rated that first on his list lol.

I find the taste of lobster and mango goes really well together, and the sweet tangy taste is just really appetizing.

~ OMFG this is my fav!

~ so it deserves 2 pics

Salmon and Salmon Salad Roe - FUCKING AWSUM YO!

The Ikura just bursts in my mouth and coupled with the fresh salmon its just heavenly. <3 <3 <3

~ grilled pork sushi

Another must-try dish! The grilled pork sushi is just juicy and tantalizing meat over rice n seaweed. Tasted so good that we had another round of it.

~ diners at the restuarant

Itacho was quite busy on a weekend afternoon and we had to queue at least 10-15minutes to get seats for 2 people.

~ Sakura shrimp & Cheese Roll

Another FTW sushi.


I felt like I fell in love all over again.... WITH SUSHI.

Sigh. It was an incredible experience, and I am willing to go through it again. With you of course silly boy.

Thank youuuu for the meal! <3

Was much appreciated and highly recommended to those who wanna try. Its not supa expensive but considered to be on the pricier side for sushi. But how not to like the sushi here?? You try and tell me k.

Headed to Suntec for AFA in support of Adel and her bf, Issac!

Aww so cool! I really think Adel still looks boyish tho, in her cosplay outfit. Issac looks more feminine than you! =X


A Mario with a lightsaber??! LOL!
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Bottle Tree Park

Wanted to visit Bottle Tree Park for the longest time and once again I procrastinated this weekend but finally, baby and I went!

I did procrastinate a lot but due to bf's stern look, I wisened up and went to change straightaway lol.

It was lucky that we did went in the end and I was glad, cos the weather was perfect (if not a little too hot) and it didn't rain till we got back home. Supa lucky!

Us posing with the swan ride boats! They look so.. abandoned all tied up there with nobody taking a ride.

But I read that it was kind of expensive so yeah, I don't wonder why.

~ swan  boats

~ bottle tree park - the pond

Where the fishes are. BIG fishes.

~ =D

Happy picture of love.

~ fisherman

~ playground for the kids

~ heh i like this pic

~ was trying the sepia mode and bf was just.. being an asshole

TCH. Spoiler.

~ so cuteeee

~ THE bottle tree

~ me with fat trunk

~ baby in comparison with fat tree trunk

The tree is quite big ah!

~ prehistoric remains

~ starfruit in my hand

Lol this is a picture of the drain but I thought it looked like a pretty brook.

~ kampung hweel

~ fuschia flower

~ um looked like a giant pong pong tree

There was no description of the tree when baby tried to find it.

~ kalerful male pheasant

The female one was super unattractive. Sad life for female birds.

~ vrrooom.. there was a racing pit for toy cars

The activities/places that can be found there at the Bottle Tree Park.

~ another bottle tree, but slimmer version

~ a shack for resting

~ lily pads galore

~ lotus flower in bloom

~ statues of cows doing labor work

~ bf with a strawberry ice cream

~ enjoying the peace of the pond

The bottle tree park was a really nice place to chill out and get close to nature. They also grew their own produce like veggies and fruits to sell to visitors. And there was a restuarant but we didn't try the food there so its hard to tell if its worth going there to eat. It is a quite a small place but there was quite a number of stuff to look at so it wasn't boring at all.

All in all, it was a nice and interesting experience and I won't mind going back there again. <3 bf for accompanying me!

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Hallow's Eve

October has been a hectic and stressful month for me! But it was also my first Halloween and I totally had fun with the guys. (:

We had to find costumes, buy our own props so it was fun! I like my look which is a cavegirl! And bf was a lecherous monk with the cavegirl lol. While Emily and KT went as a doctor and nurse couple. So kinky yaaaaar.

~ cavegirl and nurse

~ teh monk in meditation

~ monk, cavegirl, nurse and doc tan

~ kelvin the kount

~ kel, kt and bf

~ rie and viv

The horny monk decided to disguise himself as a nurse in hopes of seducing the doctor.

Random self-pic. =D

~ drunk monk

~ group shot!

~ manda and wenrui

The sick couple dressed as some sick, horrible deformed humans with a pair of sick bloody fetuses. GROSS!

~ see the tummies got human faces one!

Damn sick and twisted.

~ gross bloody surgeon with a pregnant woman, the fetus was dug out of her womb gross

Must give props to Zouk and their sick-looking props and makeup man.

I wasn't scared la but I sure was grossed out by the gore and sick makeup.

~ monk eating charsiew

~ deformed humans tied to the pillars inside Velvet

~ zombie surgeons?

~ clowns! (sis, your fave)

And bananas in pyjamas with a bunch of zombies.

I love bananas in pyjamas! One of my fave kids show last time lol.

Thanks ya all guys, I had an awsum time and it was fun dressing up and hanging out together during Halloweeeen! Never thought Halloween would be so fun, not really when I was on the dancefloor though but still fun! ~ xxx

Next year I wanna go to Night Safari, heard its supa scary there. Gotta just try to scream my way thru then lol.

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Mad in lovex

FOOD!! And my bf. (:

Love to eat~ I know you are missing my food pics so here ya go:

~ mango sticky rice roll

Lol YQ ordered this, it looked good but sadly was below his expectations.

Looks like "Looks can be deceiving" applies to food as well.

~ smiley YQ

Before eating of course.

~ blueberry pudding

Ahhh this was supa yummy!! Creamy blueberry cheese-cake texture with oreo ontop.

It was a match made in food heaven, oh yes.

~ braised pork belly pan-fried bun

This tasted damn awsome. I duno how to describe it la, just have to eat it if you are a meat lover like me! HAVE TO!

Its basically some kong bak in a big pan-fried bun with veggies so you get the gist. It can be found in Chinatown, near those food stalls outside OG.

Some pan-fried "biscuit" thingy. These China food are really like fucking A. I know its all carbo but I can't help myself lor. Chinese pizza FTW!! So savoury mmmmmmgood.

Oh we went Chinatown in search of props for Halloween.

Halloween is this week, am so excited can~

Ok more to eat come soon!

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Game Dev Story and Ambitions

Downloaded this game called Game Dev Story on iPhone and was FREAKING hooked! I never played an iPhone game for more than one week before, mostly I get bored of it on the 3rd or 4th day.

The motive of the game is pretty simple - set up your own game company and try to be as successful as possible.

Damn cute beh tahan the graphics la. Its so Pokemon-ish and I love Pokemon.

After setting up your own team of workers, you get to level them up and train them even.. hey I spot a Monkey in the screen shot!!!! Waaaaa how come I no have one!

Think must unlock, must be some special staff. LOL indeed cos its a monkey.

Usually the higher the staff's stats are the most competent he/she is. And their pay gets higher each time they level up.

Anyway, I'm having so much fun with this simulation game, thought I'd share with you guys reading my blog. (: I am kinda getting bored of it already (after a week) but still playing it haha. I don't know why but I think it is especially addictive to someone who loves to play games. Like OH I CAN BE BOSS OF A GAME COMPANY is so fucking interesting to us gamers. Can roughly see the production of a how a game is made too.

Now, working in a game company has taught me alot.. Am still learning or trying to?

Ironically, this game is selling well (top ten games in Appstore, I think) so the developers of this game must be damn happy! Many $$$$$ go to them lor.

Pissed with Appstore on my itunes, take so long to load that I gave up already so I cannot check what rank is the game. For some reason my iPhone is also v slow... Whatever man!

K bedtime folks!

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Recently I've been too lazy to blog, its true. /awkward

I blame it all on er, a busy schedule and tiredness lol. What's new when I am always complaining about these agonies.

Still I have been pigging out like usual, just that I am also lazy to take photos wtf. Totally irresponsible therefore I've got zero inspiration to blog.

Just snapped a few pics during dinner with bf and his parents at this cosy restaurant tucked in the corner of Anchorvale CC. Which was pretty near my house. And that was also when we realized that there was actually a river behind the CC, which we go at least once a month for a year or 2 and had no clue at all wtf.

So much for being young and adventurous lol, when we never ventured far.

What we had at Brewbaker's:

~ yummeh clam chowder

And garlic bread. Duno who was the genius that thought garlic bread goes well with soup, and it does - with any kind of soup.

~ Chef's salad

Supa delicious! I usually don't like salad cos its to much veg, but look at this!

Eggs, ham, roast chicken, chunks of cheese and even 2 slices of bread.

It was a very, very attractive salad if you ask me.

Just cos I love to eat meat so much lol.

~ my grilled NZ dory fish

Was surprisingly good! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the salad. (:

In fact, everything else we ordered tasted exceedingly good.

Can't remember a time where I had such nice western food in a restaurant already cos its been such a looong time.

~ bf mum's chicken and fish meal

~ Sirloin steak with wedges

~ lamb shank with wedges

~ marble cheesecake in a choc cup

The cup was 100% choc and edible! I loved it sooo much tho its was dark chocolate.

~ mango tart

And how can I forget to post a random pic of us two, that would be unthinkable.

Another perfect weekend for us!

I am looking forward to two things for this month and the next. Firstly, I can't wait to get a new phone.. though I know my pocket is not deep but still, my iphone is literally falling apart and I HAVE to get a new phone. /wails

Sorry dear iphone 3gs, you have served me well over a year and I thank you for your service. You will be sorely remembered. For I know I dropped you like a gazillion times and you still stayed stubbornly alive for my sake.

Second thing is next month bf, me and our friends will be going on a holiday together! So exciting now that the tickets are booked. =D

Can't wait to take a break from work and everything else. I am expecting so much funnnn!

K that's all for nao, time to watch G7!

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No sincerer love, than the love of food

Whoopsee been sooo lazy to blog haha. Its been a week plus already!

So caught up with work and play and recently, watching my current fav Korean variety show called Invincible Youth. Hara and Narsha are my fav G7 members, always doing hilarious stuff that made me LOL. Narsha especially cos she don't care much about her image as a professional singer/dancer and lets herself go crazy! There isn't much of a script as most of the show involves farming work and cooking, and manual labour so its really quite an interesting reality show.

This is the vid of the group perfomance during 2009 KBS award ceremony, which is really nicely done! Showcased all the girls' band most popular song.

The weekend was awsum as usual, I love love love spending time with my bear of a bf.

Sigh, I really miss my old hair.. I WANT IT BACK! This new fringe is so not me. ):

I can't feel even 60% confidence with this hair, so demoralizing. WHY DID I GO CUT MY FRINGE MYSELF WTF.


(P.S: Only the ones on my head please and not anywhere else on my body.)

~ lulu, manda and viv

We went for laksa steamboat and they loved it!

Oooo so shiok, the soup is so awsum can die.

~ baby busy eating

~ slices of pork belly.. so they said.

Doesn't really tasted like pork belly though. I feel cheated.. somehow.

I HEART TAUPOKS AND KANGKONGS. Yes yes, more in the laksa soup!!

Spammed it nonstop lol.

It was supa shiok but I ended up with a fever the next day. -_- FML

Maybe my body just got low immunity resistance to laksa steamboat. I was feverish but I went to work, then took half-day cos I couldn't concentrate on work anymore and felt so dizzy.

After-effects of the laksa steamboat was baaad haha.

~ marc having chinese tea with geoff

Very ah pek lor!! I only remember seeing my grandpa doing the chinese tea thingy when he was alive.

~ yq and gh


~ braised pig trotters

I like the T-shirt I bought for bf.. cos its a zombie saying "Use your brain" that resembles him.

End of spam post.

Suddenly don't feel like writing anymore since we lost 3 dota matches in 2 days.


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Happy Mid-Autumn 2010

For those of you that didn't know, Mid-Autumn Festival is whereby the chinese people have their mooncakes and carrying of lanterns. There will be a full moon as it is on the 15th of the Chinese calendar, and there will be people carrying brightly-lit lanterns usually in the parks and gardens. Others will be comfortably at home, eating their mooncakes and admiring the moon while sipping tea. Ahhh~

This day also marks a special date for us as it was on the 15th of the Chinese calendar, which also falls on Mid-Autumn festival day - that we both go together. (:

~ Chinatown with lanterns decoration

When I walked out of Chinatown, I was kind of impressed by the lanterns hanging overhead.

~ as they were made up of different colors and shapes

So kalerful!

I went there in search of lanterns to buy for the festival.

~ lotsa people, mainly tourists

~ Thomas the toy engine lantern

Lanterns, are marketable by putting the most popular cartoon characters.

~ old skool dragon lantern

~ Ultraman lantern

Afterwhich I went Clarke Quay to meet baby to have dinner.

~ =D

~ braised pig trotters

~ yummy bak kut teh

~ with a bowl full of fried you tiaos

The riverside at Clarke Quay was lighted up with pretty Mid-Autumn Festival decorations. Tons of people were there to experience the sights and sounds of the festival.

~ dragon decorations on a bridge

The most popular attractions there were the 12 Chinese horoscopes that include the following list:

~ Rat

~ failed shot of baby and me infront of the Cow

~ Cow

~ Tiger


~ Dragon

~ Snake

~ Horse

~ Goat

Ugliest goat I ever saw.

~ Monkey

So cute he has the rod!

~ Chicken

~ Dog

Er which looks more like a squirrel. -__-

~ pig

The 12 Chinese Horoscopes were actually placed spaced out along the river.

Other decorations are floating on the river:

~ The 3 Kingdoms

~ Journey to the East



~ The bridge across to the pubs area was really nice but I couldn't make out the theme nor take a proper full shot of it as there were too many people around.

Today me and baby met Adel and her bf (for the first time) and Valtan! Together we had Gogo Curry for dinner and it was just sooo good to catch up with them. Talk crap and just chill out, get to know new people among old friends. Its just a really good feeling to be able to see that everyone was doing well and that we all are happy, funny people...


Ok inside joke.. and Val is gonna kill me!

~ (:

After dinner we went to my house downstairs and had some fun with lanterns. So that what I bought yesterday will not go to waste wtf. And yes we had fun!

~ what's with that silly face..

~ I bought Dragonball lantern for baby!

He hates it though. o_o

~ gold fish for me!

I used to carry this when I was young.. from Primary school all the way till Secondary. I think this was my favorite lantern and its so nostalgic to be able to play with it again. =)

~ I'm happy!

~ bf too hehe

~ playing with fire..

Aww I love this. So cheesy yet romantic!

It was really nice for bf to accompany me for dinner and playing lanterns, though he was reluctant at first. But I really thought that we had fun and all, and this made me remember the day where we got together (You piggy-back me and us playing with sparklers..), brought a warm feeling to my heart.

~ a burning lantern

Marks the end of this post.

Wishing everybody a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival too!!!

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Happy Bro's Bday at Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood

Bro's bday is tomorrow so we had an early celebration by having dinner at this place called Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood at 122 Casuarina Rd.

Omg, it was so near to this prata place that I used to frequent with baby and I had zero idea at all that this treasure cze char place was here! o_o

~ the shop was flooded with big posters liddis

~ daddy and granny

~ Happy Bday bro!

20 years old oredi!

~ Sis and Alvin

~ me and bro

His shirt was cute, some tomatoes running away from a monster hahaha.

The first dish that came was so AWSUM that I just can't stop eating it.

Just om nom noms all the way...

~ v v v fresh lalas!

You know, I really hate it when I eat lalas; or shellfish for that matter - and find grains of sand or dirt in it.

This platter of lalas was totally clean and cooked to perfection. The best thing is its not drenched in some sambal sauce but just cooked by steaming with a clear broth.

~ so fresh I can die

But I didn't.

~ prawns in ??? sauce

I don't know what sauce it was but it tasted not bad. The prawns were really fresh as well! $30 for this plate sounds abit steep to me though.

~ sambal kangkong

This is my fav veggie selection when it comes to yong tau foo and cze char. I love how the veggie has such thin and crunchy stems but soft leaves and tastes so amazing when combined with sambal chilli.

Can't help it when I'm such a chilli whore.

~ hot-plate tofu

Doesn't need any introduction whatsoever. One of the most popular cze char dishes around SG. I just have to add that I usually find this dish very over-rated but this one we had was very good as the prawns were huge and fresh. Tofu wasn't cooked till too mushy too, which I don't like.

~ mantous

And you know after this picture, that crabs will be next on the dinner list lol.


2 hugeass crabs with very SHIOK and thick chilli sauce gravy... MMM MMMHM MMM MM.

~ prawn paste chicken

As usual, one of the hot favorites of cze char patrons, the prawn paste chicken never fails to live up to its name. It will satisfy any fried food craving you have there and then.

~ final picture of my bro holding up a de-shelled crab claw

To emphasize how much meat it has lol.

I would say its definitely one of the best cze char places I've eaten and I wanna go back there again! Luckily cos we've kinda gotten sick of all the usual food haunts that we go to and crave for somewhere else that has good and affordable food that all of us can enjoy. (:

Gotta sleep soon.. its Monday again.

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